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Rivals250 Safety Omarion Robinson Headed For Oklahoma

Oklahoma has one of the most lead recruiting categories within the nation and it will get even higher on Saturday.

The Sooners have reeled in a constancy from Slight Rock (Ark.) Parkview four-star protection Omarion Robinson.

Robinson is the Incorrect. 121 general probability within the Rivals250 in addition to the lead ranked probability within the situation of Arkansas.

Oklahoma has lengthy been regarded as the chief within the clubhouse to in the end land Robinson’s constancy. He mentioned why he has been so within the Sooners right through his recruitment.

“I have a really good bond with coach (Brandon) Hall because he’s been recruit me since the ninth grade. And then the brotherhood that they got at Oklahoma, they’re doing something special there and I want to be a part of that and I feel like I can help them win a national championship.”

Brandon Corridor was once now not the one member of the body of workers that Robinson gave credit score to for the win. It was once a complete body of workers aim to land this constancy.

“Coach (Xavier) Brewer, coach JP (Losman), coach (Brent) Venables, and some of the players too.”

The security place in Norman is one this is nice-looking robust at the moment with the presence of Billy Bowman, one of the most easiest defenders in school soccer. Robinson says he and the body of workers glance to him for what his year can seem like.

“Really just like Billy Bowman, but they said they can see me anywhere in the secondary.”

It’s been disagree undercover actually that Oklahoma was once the Incorrect. 1 faculty for Robinson for rather once in a while. There have been some competition ill the stretch, however the Slight Rock standout knew it was once all the time taking to be the Sooners in any case.

“I was trying to commit once before, but they wouldn’t take the commitment because I wasn’t done visiting other schools, So, I knew it was home then, but I just weighed my options and then after all the visits, Oklahoma came up again. It was a hard decision between them and Oregon, but I knew I was going to Oklahoma.”

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